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What marketing can learn from journalism

These days everyone calls themselves a writer. We all write some kind of content: blog posts, emails, whitepapers, presentations and so on. But how do you create a good piece of content? From my experience I have noticed that marketers still make basic mistakes that could easily be fixed. These four simple tips can be easily applied to marketing copy and will help you become a better writer:

Preparation is key
Every good piece of writing starts with research. Look up what others have written about the subject; maybe you can refer to them or find some interesting statistics. This also includes looking up what your audience is interested in.

Make a draft
It is a good idea to start out on a piece of paper. Write down a couple of bullet points to start building the structure of your text. Don’t expect to get it right at first, at this stage you can write all your thoughts down. You’ll have time to structure them later.

Keep it simple
Don’t use unnecessary, difficult words or jargon to impress your reader; it will only make them stop reading. Also, don’t make it longer than it needs to be. People are busy and don’t often have the time to read very long articles. 

Fine tune
Reread your text and make sure it suits the medium you are writing it for. Whether you are writing an online newsletter or a piece for a website, keep in mind these will require a different style. Don’t forget to let someone else read your copy. When they read it for the first time they’ll be more likely to notice the mistakes you missed.

Keeping these tips in mind will help your copywriting, good luck.