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What is Mobile Marketing

The Mobile Marketing is a set of actions and targeted marketing techniques for mobile devices. These devices are characterized in that they are small and portable, and its consumption is performed without electrical connection. The most widespread and most projection are mobile phones, iPads, the PDAS ..

Given the rapid rise of mobile satellite internet connections, and higher still prospects for the coming years marketing through Mobile is certainly the area with more room for growth in the coming years. SMS: SMS (Short Message Service) services are short text messages. They were the first form of Mobile marketing and came to 2000 Companies compiled the phone numbers of clients and contacts to send information about their news, products and services.

Brands have also been used to drive the SMS promotional marketing campaigns through short codes that customers use to get discounts. With the advent of the smartphone and 3G phones SMS these techniques have fallen into disuse because of their limitations to make the most of the new devices. MMS. This is the message service multimedia content. Slides may contain images, text, audio and video. Only second generation mobile or later, equipped with a color screen are capable of sending and receiving MMS messages.

Brands Rich content sent through specific networking applications to subscribers (A2P) or even from person to person. Bluetooth wireless open for exchanging data over short distances between mobile devices, creating personal networks (PANs) technology safely standard. Some qualities of this technique applied to marketing are that it is a "permission-based" form, has high rates of transmission speed and to be broadcast on radio is free of charge. In Game: Video games designed for use on mobile devices. These games can be used by brands to insert promotional messages can sponsor them or can use them to carry branded entertainment campaigns. Three basic formats: interactive 3D games and real-time massive multiplayer games and social network games. Connectivity: The ability of the devices to be connected.

The key to the operation of mobile marketing is the connectivity of these devices to the Internet. Thus, the user is permanently connected to the content, services and online stores, and is always available to become a new customer. Geolocation: The position with which the location of a person in a coordinate system is defined and given time. Versatile in its application to marketing and social networks: Pinterest, Foursquare ..

Companies have the possibility, if the consumer gives permission in advance, of the location of the potential customer to adjust supply to demand possible. We then reach the base of impulse buying: know what you are viewing or close to see your potential consumer to give encouragement.