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What promotional products your business should be using

When it comes to promoting your business and putting it in the spotlight, marketers might need to utilise new strategies. Andy Thorne, sales director of Outstanding Branding, explores

As a company, you will no doubt be dedicating some of your resources into having a strong marketing strategy for the upcoming months. This can have a direct impact on your success as a business. Your marketing campaigns are intrinsic to your brand and even your online presence, both of which are crucial in a business. So, how do you help your efforts along and enhance your existing marketing strategy?

Promotional products can be the perfect marketing material to reach out to fellow businesses and position yourself as an industry leader by raising brand awareness. They can be effective in B2B strategies, influencing businesses in a number of ways, and they even act as an advertisement for your business if they are branded. Using promotional products at the likes of trade shows or company exhibits can ensure you stand out from the crowd. Promotional products can also help to improve the perception of your brand too.

This is all well and good, but it only works if you are using the right promotional products. What does that mean? Well, you can’t just select any old promotional product; there must be a reason and a strategy behind it to guarantee success.

Aligned with your brand values

First of all, what does your brand stand for? What is the message you send out across your marketing channels? One of the most important things for a business in curating their brand is consistently, and promotional products must be included in this.

Having your promotional products aligned with your brand values can maintain a coherent brand image as well as making sure the products themselves are relevant to your company. Your corporate brand and image is incredibly important, as this is often what customers will see and base their opinion on.

Build on your brand

Use promotional products to let people know an otherwise unknown side to your business. For example, if your company does a lot to decrease its carbon footprint or it is particularly aware of being environmentally friendly, you can send out relevant products to demonstrate it and even strike up business relationships with other companies doing a similar thing.

At the end of the day, you are more than just a business; promotional products can help to show off your brand’s personality and let everyone know the real company that’s behind the products and services you offer.

Resonate with your audience

The whole point of your marketing strategy is to increase your company’s visibility, raise awareness of your brand and hopefully generate leads and bring in sales. You might even wish to partner with other companies or gain investment. Reaching out to your consumers might be easy, but doing it in such a way that makes them responsive is a whole different approach.

Know your audience and understand them. This can help you to create marketing campaigns, and indeed promotional product strategies, that will resonate with potential customers and help them notice you.

It’s just as important to retain customers as it is to attract new ones. Using promotional products can ensure a positive association with your brand and encourage engagement with your company. Integrating other marketing channels with your promotional products, such as a social media campaign, can really boost your efforts and push your brand into the spotlight.