What's the hottest topic in B2B marketing?

This is your chance to help define the topics which are at the top of B2B marketers' agenda

What’s the hottest topic in B2B marketing? That’s the question that I’m constantly asked, by marketing directors, agencies and vendors alike. To date, my response has been to reel off a list of anecdotal topics, inevitably influenced by who I spoke to last and their agenda – useful and relevant, but hardly scientific.

So, we’d like to change all that – we’re launching the first B2B Marketing Hype Cycle, which will track the hottest topics in B2B, showing which ones are increasing in interest, and which are declining. Not only that, the report will also allow us to compare perceptions from different audiences – CMOs, versus marketing managers, versus agencies. This should provide a fascinating insight into how different groups understand each others’ perceptions and expectations… or not!

Sounds great, right? And you’d love to take part? Great.

We’ve kept the survey really short and sweet to make it as simple and painless as possible – it’s really just asking to show your level of interest on 15 key topics which we’ve identified. Among other things, our list includes artificial intelligence (AI), influencer marketing, GDPR and programmatic advertising.

We’d really appreciate your help on a project that we think will deliver some really powerful insights to B2B marketers everywhere. And if you leave your details, we’ll send you a copy of the results and analysis when they’re ready.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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