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What's Wrong With What The C-Suite Is "Really" Thinking About?

We found an "infographic" - based on IBM research - from the site interesting, especially in light of their headline, "It's not business as usual for today's top executives".

You can see the infographic here.

The article talks about how executives are finding "creative solutions for a fiercely competitive, rapidly moving marketplace".That's good to hear...except there's no mention of people, feelings or meaning.

Yes, one can suppose that these factors lie behind ideas like "creativity" and so on. But it all sounds like "inside in" thinking.This at a time when values are in flux, meaning is sought and people are getting more anxious, more fed-up and more discerning about who and what they will align themselves to, either as employees, customers, partners, investors or community members.

In our vision of the future, the C-suite is driven by "outside in" thinking that bridges the gap between what their brand does and the needs, interests, beliefs and aspirations of people.

After all, the enterprise doesn't live in a bubble. The C-suite that ignores the feelings of people and fails to become meaningful to them will pay a price.Whereas, the brands that embrace this change, redirect their thinking and generate truly meaningful relationships with people are sure to prevail.