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When ABM isn’t really account-based marketing

Here at Momentum we apply everything we do to individual enterprise accounts.

Research, proposition development, messaging, creative…everything we do starts with the customer.

Recently we’ve witnessed a strange phenomena where marketers try to force the ABM hat onto field marketing campaigns (either adjacent to successful real account based marketing or in its place).

Suddenly they start pushing messages about their stuff with a “product out” approach but they make it less about the actual, you know, customer?

How would your largest customer feel about your campaign if they’re in the middle of a tricky deal negotiation or (even worse) have actually just signed up to do business with you?

This approach doesn’t work when trying to win the attention of very high value customers. And it confuses internal sales and marketing teams on what account-based marketing is.

Stop shouting louder

Connecting marketing activities to the customer situation in relevant ways is vital. Claiming generic campaigns with a product out approach is ABM just confuses everyone…

All generic campaigns do is shout louder, often in the wrong direction, at the wrong time.

The way to get customers to listen is to talk to them, in their language, on their terms.

This is even more pertinent as decision makers now spend half of their time doing independent research and 30 percent of time collaborating with peers.

Change behaviours

For marketing teams, this means thinking less about campaigns and more about the conversations you want to start with individual customers.

Perhaps this mindshift challenges long-standing behaviours in marketing teams. But from where we stand, it’s no longer about flash in the pan marketing tactics, it’s about using insight-led marketing to contribute something really useful to customers.