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When, where and how often to publish on your social media platforms

Producing high-quality content is only half the job for B2B brands. In order to connect with your audience, you need to be aware of when, and how often to update your social media channels.

The social platform requiring the highest level of distribution is Twitter, according to a recent study by LinkedIn. The research suggests Twitter should be updated 2-5 times a day with fresh content, with its peak activity period at 1-3pm.

While Twitter is popular around midday, LinkedIn experiences most of its traffic outside of office hours (7-9am and 5-6pm). Evidently, social media junkies enjoy digesting a few tweets over lunch, yet prefer to connect and endorse on their daily commute.

Facebook enjoys a broad activity spread, being most popular at 6-8am and 1-4pm, with the study suggesting an initial 2-3 posts per week, building up to once per day. While LinkedIn certainly boasts the most professional attitude in the social media sphere, Facebook can be useful tool for businesses to present their informal and chatty side.

Another popular lunchtime platform is YouTube (12-1pm), although the suggested upload frequency is much lower than its rivals, at two per month. The study suggests YouTube is a tricky channel to master, mainly due to how resource-intensive it is to produce consistent, quality content.

By taking notice of peak activity times and building consistency with uploads and audience interaction, your social media presence can potentially flourish.

For more information check out the full infographic from Lucas Blake below.