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Where is all the B2B video?

In my experience of producing video content for B2B and B2C campaigns, both above and below the line, I’ve seen a very different approach to using video for a business audience. This got me thinking about the fundamental use of video as a medium for marketing and communication. 

I am of the school of thought that video is a great tool to engage, entertain and build the personality of a brand, product or service. Regardless of whether we are trying to reach a B2B or B2C audience, we are all still trying to communicate with ‘people’. The subject matter and the context of the film should not pull us away from tried and tested video format ideas that are delivering results.

Clearly the use of video in B2B marketing is not being realised, and I wanted to find out why. Having considered various studies by Forbes/Google, and reports such as "Buyersphere", which all acknowledge the use of video in the B2B decision making process, there still does not appear to be an in depth study focusing on video alone.

In my experience, I think that now is the time for B2B marketeers to all take a fresh look at video. With this very sentiment in mind, rather than speculate any further, in partnership with B2B Marketing, we decided to launch our own research study to investigate and kick-start the process of greater video adoption in B2B.

This week we are looking for B2B marketers to complete our brief survey to gain an understanding of industry attitudes towards the use of video in marketing.

Join our research project now

On publication of the research findings, all respondents will receive: 

  • The opportunity to benchmark their video use against industry averages 
  • Research analysis 
  • Possible inclusion in a roundtable follow-up event 
  • The chance to win two tickets to the B2B Marketing Summit 2014 (worth £798 +VAT) 
  • The chance to win a video consultation and viewing of the ITV national studios at ITN Productions. 

Of course if you can't wait for the results and are ready to explore new approaches to video then get in touch to discuss how to get cut through in your market with a well thought out video content strategy. 

Simon Baker, Head of Corporate and Creative Video, ITN Productions.

ITN Productions is the creative content production hub of the broadcast news organisation, ITN. As market leaders in B2B marketing film production, we want to provide a platform from which we can increase awareness and consideration of using video within B2B marketing.