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Which brands are spending big in the Premier League? (Infographic)

The 2016/17 Premier League season is well underway, and while the average football fan will be wondering whether Leicester can emulate last year's title heroics, how the newly promoted trio will fare against the big boys, and just why the contracts of the England national team haven't been summarily terminated, the majority of marketers and advertisers will be more bothered about how much each club's shirt sponsorship costs.

With total spend on shirt sponsorship this year hitting a staggering £226 million, we've created a handy infographic to demonstrate which brands are backing which teams, and exactly how much money they're spending to get their names on the scoreboard. 

And while betting companies lead the standings, there are still a number of B2B companies fighting their way onto the pitch. Notable B2B brands - or companies with B2B arms - include Yokohama and Chelsea (£40 million), Standard Chartered and Liverpool (£25 million), and AIA and Tottenham (£16 million).

Source of figures: Total Sportek