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White Label – SEO could be a new revenue stream for your business

Graphic designers, website designers, PR businesses, video production companies and even SEO and content marketing agencies are all doing it. The ‘it’ is to use the expertise of an SEO expert, and provide an SEO service for their own clients. Because they bulk purchase their SEO service they can buy at a reduced price and have a margin to make a small profit. They can also provide first class SEO services by using a professional SEO team. It is known as ‘white label – SEO’. If you're not taking advantage of this service you are missing out on an important additional revenue stream for your business.


White Label SEO is perfect for your needs

What do I do

Whatever area of digital publishing you may be involved in, you could be missing out on a potentially lucrative revenue stream. SEO (search engine optimisation) is the complex process of analysing search terms, analysing website pages and then creating a strategy from the subsequent conclusions of that analysis to move a webpage up the rankings of the major search engine returns pages (SERPs).

You may be a programmer, a wizard with HTML or a graphic designer wanting to offer an SEO service to current and future clients, but have no idea where to start. In point of fact you do not have to start; all you need to do is offer the service. By partnering up with an outside SEO and content marketing agency, you leave them to the analysing and background work on your clients’ websites. All you then have to do is present the work as your own; you deal with your clients on a day to day basis, the agency you engage does the SEO analysis and other elements of SEO and content marketing and has no contact with your client.

Benefits all round

The benefits start with your clients. They will immediately see their website moving up the rankings. They will see increased traffic to their website and, as a result of these two factors, increased sales and revenues.

As the broker, the benefits to your business are threefold:

First off is the discount on SEO services you will receive from your chosen agency as a result of passing them bulk business, and of course the fact you will be dealing with the client.

Second, you can add a mark up on to the fees you charge your clients for this service. Your clients will be oblivious of the original fee, reductions, discounts or mark up. This will be entirely confidential between you and your chosen partner SEO agency.

Third, but best of all is your reputation. You will be offering a tangible service to your clients, one which to most (if not all of them) will be ‘as clear as mud’ to coin a phrase. You will be improving your clients’ reputations and standing in their particular industry or niche market. This in turn will reflect on you; after all, without your white label service, their website may well have been languishing lower than page 2 of SERPs, otherwise known as ‘the desolation’ - a place where researchers never go’.

Your clients will see the tangible benefits almost immediately; increased ranking, traffic and of course increased revenues. Are you interested in white label SEO? Is it the missing piece to the puzzle which completes the all round service you could offer clients?