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Who is deciding the content of your email marketing?

I’ve been working on our new partnership with B2B Marketing this week, now we’ve become their Knowledge Bank email sponsor and email marketing provider.

There’ve been discussions on content and it’s really apparent that our two businesses are focussed on educating marketers how to become experts in their marketing activity.

It got me thinking about what kind of content do B2B marketers want to consume, which of course led on to ‘well what do their customers want to consume?’ Because that’s what’s important, as marketers it’s our own audience who we want to please and help.

How do you know what your customers need to be learning about? When you send out your email marketing campaigns, who decides on what should be in them?

The best way to ensure that your content is relevant and what your subscriber wants to hear about is to ask them. Not enough companies do it, I’ve certainly not been an angel, yet it’s something that’s always on my list of things to do.

Don’t leave it on your list, make sure you take the time to find out and your subscribers will be happier, more engaged and more likely to ask further questions.

If you’re worried about time or resource then keep it simple – ‘We’re writing these emails for you, so tell us what topics would you like us to cover? Email suggestions to and I personally guarantee to cover them within the next month.’

If you have a bit more time then you could drop in a quick survey but remember that will take up more of your subscriber’s time and that’s not what they want. A poll however takes no time at all and can provide a nice bit of content for your site to boot.

Use your different channels to get feedback – social media channels are great for people giving their opinions so use them to your advantage. And don’t forget your trusty blog, it can create some nice dialogue to ask people to drop their comments in and gives you the insights you need at the same time.

Which leads me to my final point...

...I’m writing these blogs for you, so tell me in the comments or DM me @Absterc , what topics you want me to cover, and I personally guarantee to cover them within the next month. ;  )

Look forward to hearing from you,