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Why are mobile friendly customer profile management systems so important?

Mobile has been on the rise for a significant amount of time and has been the talking point for many marketers over the last few months.

Smartphone adoption continues to grow globally and mobile web traffic is only going to increase; it is therefore inevitable that ad spend on these devices will increase also. But they may hit some road blocks when it comes to cookies and relevantly targeting individuals.

Native apps don’t support cookies and even on web apps where cookies may be used they are potentially coming up against a trend of browsers (like Firefox and Safari) disallowing third party cookies; which means today's practices for tracking and targeting will become less and less available, something that may cause significant issues when it comes to targeted advertising on these devices.

What brands need are ways in which they can get to know their individual customers across all devices and leverage the data available to effectively target them with advertising and offers. Streamlined, mobile friendly customer profile management platforms will help brands to gain and store customer data that they can actively use to target their consumers with relevant mobile ads. 

And Advertisers that leverage customer profile management platforms can use them to identify highly segmented customer groups - based on not just age and demographics but hobbies, lifestyle preferences and specific product ownership, for example and can begin to effectively offer very targeted, relevant content straight to their mobiles.