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Why blog on LinkedIn

In February LinkedIn announced it will be slowly opening its publishing platform to all members. As more and more professionals are being approved to blog, it seems that only a select few are really utilising this new channel. For the majority that are remaining silent, here are four reasons why you should start posting on LinkedIn:

1. Notifications. When you publish content all your contacts, plus additional users who have chosen to follow your posts, are alerted in the same way as when they receive a friend request, comment or like. This maxmises your blog’s exposure and encourages more people to read and interact.

2. Likes and shares. Because the blog is hosted on LinkedIn, rather than an unknown website that will navigate you away from the social network, your connections are more likely to click. Additionally, the sharing buttons at the top of the post makes it easier for users to share or like content – extending the reach of your post to their networks.

3. Debate. LinkedIn is a community of people; many professionals in your network will know each other well. This sense of community means people are more likely to start discussions, which is difficult to create on other platforms such as company blogs.

4. Analytics. Once you’ve hit ‘publish’, LinkedIn allows you to see the users that have viewed, shared and liked the blog – with handy weekly stat updates to see how your posts are doing.