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Why Consider LinkedIn Publisher in Getting the Best Visibility

The articles posted on LinkedIn publishing will make the content searchable based on the keyword found on LinkedIn's post search box, this acts as a great way of showcasing your knowledge and expertise in any given area. Beyond having visibility in search, both the connection and followers will see the published post in a similar way posts are viewed in social media sites such as Facebook.

Posts that are viewed enough times it will get picked by newsreaders in LinkedIn, Pulse, at this particular point, the posts will have more exponential shares, views and comments.

Knowing Elements of a Good Post

The key elements that make a good publisher post include a catchy title, images that are attractive, the use of key words, contents that are brief and engaging, good marketing, and luck.

Make a Decision on What to Publish


Social media publishers build their reputation from scratch, therefore, posts about LinkedIn will influence people in a specific industry. This is a good way to start since these people can make a decision to share the posts within their network, and this may go viral.

Having a connection with an influencer in your network to ask some questions, then use the answers to write an interesting interview, the post can be shared by the audience. Chosen subjects that do not respond will require writing of an additional piece about why they rock, the audience have to be told and not just being creepy.

As experts, the best option is to source influences by talking to influential friends and have them send a quote on a particular subject, after publication of a post, it should be shared with influential experts.

The previous blog content on LinkedIn Publisher can be repurposed on a previous blog, we do not know the effects of exact replication between Publisher and Google, therefore, it is recommended to change the text before it is published.

Time should be taken to customize the existing content for the LinkedIn audience, alterations should be made to prevent getting a Google slap.


Choose correct Publishing Frequency


Some people have gone nuts with Publisher, they go to an extend of publishing several articles each week, this is too much, especially if the contents published are not good. It is recommended to create posts that are thoughtful and thorough, the posts should also be limited to one post a week.


Share Post


Getting more visibility is not limited to asking the subjects to share the posts published, it is important to take advantage of features like updates on LinkedIn, InMails and messages to disseminate contents on LinkedIn. The posts should be shared and ask friends to share the posts too, this can be done by mentioning the posts and mentioning influences outside LinkedIn. Other social media publishers such as Twitter, Google+, among others can be used.


Apply for Publisher


Publisher were previously open to LinkedIn influencer's program membership of thought leaders, corporate execs and presidents. A person that does not have Publisher can apply for it, this needs the name, address, LinkedIn URL and examples of the writings. The best post submitted is that which has been shared most and the post that makes you proud. It is not necessary that the posts submitted has to come from your blog, all that matters is that you have to be the author, LinkedIn will send you an email to notify you about the successful application for a Publisher.