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Why Do Email Marketing Campaigns Fail?

The truth is that email marketing is far more complicated than you may believe. There are many professionals out there that will tell you to use it because it is still effective and works wonders but do you actually know how to use it in order to increase your sales or gain various benefits? This is a question that has a negative answer almost all the time. 

Most people think that all they have to do is get a database of emails and then send some sales letters. That is not the case. The best email marketing campaign will have good ROI and that is only possible when a proper strategy is used. At the same time, we have to understand that most email marketing campaigns WILL FAIL. This can happen because of the often met reasons mentioned below but it is not limited to that.

Lack Of Monitoring

Data needs to be used to its full potential. Email marketing does have a really high ROI but most people will never reach that. This is usually because of the fact that there is a lack of monitoring. Every single email campaign that you sign out needs to be analyzed. You have to look at:

  • Click through rates
  • Clicks
  • Open Rates
  • Subject lines
  • Everything else

The more you know about the results of the email marketing campaign, the higher the possibility you can identify the problem and solve it.

Improper Send To List

This is a crucial mistake. The most important part of any email marketing campaign is the list. However, many do not even know how to properly identify a target audience. With this in mind, it should come as no surprise that the campaign is not properly developed.

If you really want good open rates, you have to be sure that the people receiving the emails are actually interested in what you are to present. Any email marketing list should be created in a natural way. Never buy one from the internet since you will most likely end up faced with many sent mails that end up in the spam folder of the receiver’s email.

The Email Is Not Mobile Friendly

We live in the age of technology. The number of people that check their emails on their mobile devices is constantly growing. With this in mind, you have to be sure that the email you send is viewed properly on a smartphone or on a tablet. Not all the devices will support responsive emails but it is a guarantee that a large part of the list you create uses such devices. If you do not have emails that include mobile functionality, it is a guarantee that the email campaign will bring in a lower response and can even lead towards zero ROI.

Not Considering Using Google Analytics

The email can be perfect and the list can be perfect and you will not reach your potential in the event that you do not know what happens. Google Analytics allows you to monitor everything properly and it is a shame to notice that many do not use this. You can attribute goals, conversions and sales to the emails you send. At the same time, you can budget your marketing campaigns better, allowing you to actually calculate how much they cost. This means you can achieve better ROI.

As already mentioned, there are many mistakes that can be done. The ones that we highlighted above are the first ones that you have to consider. Start here and try to learn more about creating a perfect email marketing campaign.