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Why Events Are an Excellent Marketing Tool

Even in this digital obsessed world one of the best ways to sell a product or service is to hold an event. People like events. Whether it’s a party, free giveaway or just a novelty occasion, as long as it’s memorable the event and your company will live long in the memory. There have been many new and innovative marketing events, such as the Coca-Cola truck’s trip round the UK, that demonstrate just how strong a concept it can be.

Face Time

A lot of marketing campaigns now focus online, mainly because it is a much cheaper way of reaching a lot more people. While online marketing events do exist and can prove beneficial, physical events are still superior. The main reason for this is that they allow you to interact face-to-face with potential clients, customers and investors.

The personal touch and engagement factor cannot be replicated even by an online video chat. Instead the real life setting helps build trust and honesty as all parties can communicate efficiently. At busy events you will hopefully end up interacting with a lot more people in one day than you would across a few weeks worth of sales meetings.

Generate Leads

Most people who show up to your event are there because they heard about it in advance and are interested in what your business has to show. This is a great time to not only put on a great event that will further increase their interest but to also collect names and contact details of those present.

This is an efficient and quick way of developing contacts that fit in with your target demographic and are interested. Follow up after the event (or they may contact you) even if it’s just for feedback about their experience.  


Holding a marketing event doesn’t have to be as straightforward as a classy presentation with drinks and nibbles. In some cases the more unique an event the better, as that’s the one people are going to remember. 

Workshops or trade shows are both more interactive events that will involve visitors and have a greater impact. Whatever you do, hiring a pop-up temporary venue such as the ones available from Neptunus is a good plan for a quality structure to hold your event in.


Having an event designed specifically towards your company of course increases exposure for the business. It is also a great opportunity, especially for new companies, to express themselves and let the world see what they stand for.

With the company’s branding and slogan everywhere it is sure to stick in the minds of visitors and help push your values across. This can be harder to enforce online as people choose what they look at.