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Why it’s good Twitter ditched LinkedIn

Lazy marketers have had it pretty good for some time. The same messages can be sent out across various different social platforms with one simple click of the mouse.

But the problem with this approach is that people tend to over share. And they tend to spread context-inappropriate content. And they can end up sounding like robots.

If you are not on Twitter the relevance of hash tag-laden messages diminishes (#rapidly). 

Also, when you use these multi-post solutions it can come across like you are one of those automated spam bots everyone hates.

Subtle differences between the cultures of the various social networking sites mean that a post that works perfectly on Twitter seems slightly out of place on LinkedIn, and borders on the ridiculous on Facebook.

LinkedIn seems eager to emphasise that you can still maintain your Twitter stream using its services, so it’s not all bad news for cross-populators.

Meanwhile Twitter is explaining the move as being born of a desire to ensure Tweets are expandable and ensure its users enjoy a consistent Twitter experience across the web.

It doesn’t mention whether or not it is sick of people interacting with Twitter content in places it cannot monetise. But that is merely a side point.

What does matter though is that LinkedIn should now become a more focused, spam-free space in which marketers have work a little harder to grab your attention (assuming LinkedIn is an appropriate setting for such activities in the first place).

*Not everyone that publishes across all platforms at once is guilty of the crimes detailed above, I know. So with that caveat, I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on the issue. Especially from people that disagree with what I’ve written.