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Why outsourcing your calls could be saving your company business

Outsourcing business processes is certainly not a novel idea. Throughout the last two decades many organisations have taken advantage of the abundant cheaper workforce in the subcontinent in an attempt to cut costs.

There are those that argue relinquishing control of customer service is risky because essentially a new voice will be representing your business. However, if real expertise and a personal touch are applied, you could find that the benefits far outweigh the risks.

Why outsource?

Companies outsource for a number of reasons. A common scenario is when a company undergoes a period of rapid growth. They may struggle to find enough suitable staff to fill new roles, lack the necessary capital for overheads or fail to find the right skills in-house.

Additionally, if a smaller business wants to keep the focus on core business activities it may be wise to leave some of the non-core activities to experts.

How much can I save?

The simple answer? A lot!

Taking advantage of the English speaking, well-educated workforce in India or the Philippines coupled with low salaries – up to 90% of that in the USA – usually means a far cheaper overall service.

Going down an overseas route can mean savings of up to 50% but you should not ignore domestic centres. If your industry is quite specific to where you’re based it’s probably best to use a call centre closer to home.

Who to choose?

When deliberating whether to use a third party it is important to ask plenty of questions.

Can I get the same level of customer service? Can they provide the same level of business knowledge? If customers speak with staff for many hours per day then it is vital standards don’t drop and a lack of real understanding can mean a poor service and a damaged reputation.

This is where you can take advantage of expert communications companies that cater for a range of specific call types. If call centre needs aren’t as simple as answering a couple of questions, a company like We Are Frontline could be the solution.

They provide a catalogue of call services such as a “listening ear”  for counselling, 24/7 out of hours response and a supplier management service where they are able to directly patch buyers through to suppliers. This means large chunks of day to day tasks can be quickly taken off your hands – what better reason to outsource your calls?