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Why PR?

The trouble is that to keep your marketing campaigns going, you need content – fresh, relevant, thought-provoking content – that will stimulate the interest of prospective clients so that they pick up the phone and talk to you, but do you have the time to generate it?

How are you going to write that tweet, or keep that blog up to date? When was the last time you found time to update your website with the latest stuff going on in your world?

Passing these tasks to an agency allows you to keep your brand in the public eye and on the right people’s screens without having to do all the work yourself, and with the increase in social media it is even harder to keep up to date with all the places you should be seen. PR can be used as a pipeline to generate the content that you don’t have time to write, plug the agency in and they can churn out the content – simple.

PR is not only about sending a few press releases about your latest product or client, it should be about delivering thought-provoking content that places yourself and your company as an industry expert.

PR should be something that is integrated into your marketing strategy to effectively keep you known and mentioned, especially with many organisations taking the leap into the social media world. Let someone take the pressure off by providing you with relevant, targeted and effective content that will put you at the forefront of your competitors.