Why should high performance B2B marketing matter to you?

You may have noticed we launched a new report last week: High Performance B2B Marketing. But why should you care? What difference does this research make to your day-to-day marketing efforts?

Simply put, this report should be an opportunity for all marketers to reflect on what they’re doing. Stop for a second – what have you been focusing on in the last few weeks? How much time (and budget) is spent in ways that don’t actually make a noticeable difference?

On top of this, are you actually able to prove that your marketing department is performing for the company? The results show just a small percentage of marketers are able to specifically show the difference marketing has made to the growth of their business.

The idea is to make marketers think twice about what they’re doing and the reasons behind every marketing choice. Our theory is straightforward: the best marketers perform miles better against four key areas – strategy, brand, customer and measurement. So this is your opportunity to think about how you perform within each one and ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is your marketing strategy truly aligned with your business strategy?
  2. Is the customer at the centre of everything you do?
  3. Does your brand really differentiate you from the competition?
  4. Are you able to measure and demonstrate precisely how marketing is contributing to the company’s wider success?

Of course, focusing solely on these four things is no guarantee of success; we’re not trying to claim marketing is quite as simple as this. But they're a pretty good starting point, so why not use this opportunity to take stock and think about what you could do to improve.

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High performance B2B Marketing research project


We'll be discussing the findings in more detail at the B2B Summit on 22 June. There's still time to sign up - do it here