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Why You Always Need a Call-to-Action

Use call to actions to increase the responsiveness of your business data lists

Calls to Action (CTA) are one of the key elements in generating leads or sales with your marketing activity. If your website and marketing materials are missing strong calls to action you are missing out on potential prospects – so how can you improve your direct mailing campaigns to the potential customers on your B2B data lists?

Why a Call to Action is so important

A call to action is a statement that encourages your visitors to make a certain move, whether it is signing up for your mailing list, downloading a free trial of your product or making a purchase.

The customer has taken the time to read your marketing materials and they are now fully informed on the benefits of your product or service. At this point, letting them walk away without asking for the sale would be a wasted opportunity to increase your leads and sales– so a call to action allows you to strike while the iron is hot. A well written CTA should inspire the customer to act in the moment, while the subject is still fresh in their mind.

When it comes to signing up for a service or purchasing a product, people are much more likely to act if they do it spontaneously in the moment. If they intend to return to it later, they usually won’t. It is the urgency of a call to action that makes the customer take the plunge without hesitation.

Tips for increased effectiveness – what should you include?

Of course, in order for a call to action to be effective, it needs to be well written and contain the right elements. If you really want to create a powerful and effective call to action that will get your customers to convert, here are some tips:

  • Be specific. Request a particular action, such as signing up for your newsletter or downloading your free trial, rather than being vague. Also, make the action simple and easy, so that your B2B contacts won’t resist doing it.         

  • Use the “why not” argument. Highlight why the customer has nothing to lose but something to gain by using your product, so why not give it a try?

  • Emphasize the benefits of the product. What’s in it for the customer if they decide to buy your product, sign up for a newsletter or download your free trial?         

  • Add a sense of urgency. You can even add a deadline to the sale or promotion, to give buyers the feeling they need to act now or miss out.

  • Be different. Don’t just copy a call to action from another product – add your personality and put your own unique spin on it.         

With these tips in mind, take a look at the calls to action you are sending out to your B2B data lists. Are they direct, specific, urgent and powerful enough to inspire the reader to make a move? How could you tweak them so that they will be even more effective? With the right call to action, you will see your conversion rate soar to new heights.  

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