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Why You Need Mobile Marketing for Your Business


Consumers get to learn all the necessary information they need before purchase. This information includes location and availability of the goods, time and price. This kind of marketing is the evolution of marketing.

Since most of people are on their mobile phones at almost every point in the day, this kind of marketing helps suppliers and manufacturers get to their audiences at any time.


Benefits Of Mobile Marketing


Reaches many geographical areas and creates new horizons – there are so many limitations that can be crossed using a mobile phone or tablet. People are able to use video from different continents. It is time you used this technology to your advantage. With this kind of marketing, you can contact prospective customers and explore many opportunities without thinking of geographical barriers.

As a business owner, you know that you cannot reach every customer on your own. This is what this new form of marketing will help you achieve. You will not only achieve your goals but will also get to create new achievable goals.


Cost Effective


imagine how much money you will need to spend if you were to send marketers to every inch of your country. The transport costs only can pull your whole business down. When you consider television and billboards advertisements you will realize that media houses these days charge a lot of money for just few minutes of their airtime and the advert might not even reach your audience when they air it.

If you use the mobile marketing, you are not gambling with your money because you are sure that the message will reach your targeted customer. There is no distribution costs needed.


The Messages Are Personal


Instead of just placing your advert on a billboard hoping that someone passing by will see it, you tailor a message for someone and send it to them. This shows that you are giving personal attention to your customers and what better way to make them feel involved in the business?

The power of a personal touch is very strong. The human mind is designed to respond positively when you show a person interest.


Immediacy And Effectiveness


When compared to all forms of marketing, mobile marketing is very effective in nature. The immediacy of the response is what makes it highly efficient. The action can be taken instantly by the customer. The efficacy of this form of marketing cannot be paralleled by any other kind of marketing.

In TV commercials, the consumer only sees it when it has been aired and when they miss it, they have to wait for the next time. However with mobile marketing, the consumer can read it at any time. They can even save it to read it at they own free time. It even provides a two way of communication as the consumers can directly reply to messages for inquiries or purchase.


How does it work?


Now that you have realized how important right mobile strategy is to your company, you need to know how exactly it works. As you walk in the streets you will see almost everybody glued to their irrespective of how old they are.

This is what you, as a business person, should take advantage of. Those adverts that pop in smartphones, tablets or even the old types of mobile devices are the major contents of this kind of marketing. The formats of the adverts can change depending on the audience you wish to target and the kind of goods and services you are trying to persuade them to buy.

As you plan your marketing strategy, you need to know that different platforms like the social media, websites and mobile applications offer different services. For instance in Facebook you might open a page for your business but in another site you need to contact people directly.

As part of ensuring that they get maximum sales, entrepreneurs always look for ways to get to their customers. These ways need to be affordable and highly effective. This is why you will see most people embracing marketing using technology and phones. Marketing with mobile phones however is not just limited to smart phones or internet enabled phones.

Thanks to the advent of technology, marketing can be done through SMS. This has proven to be one the most effective modes of marketing. Consumers feel very involved because they receive messages personally through their phones.

With SMS marketing, you need to identify your target audience. This helps to avoid sending messages to many people who are not potential customers. When you are promoting your services or products, you ensure that you design an effective message. As much as people are always on their mobile phones, no one likes to read very long boring messages.

Design a message that is short and simple as well as relevant. Relevant information includes information about the product benefits, the price, and where the customers can find it. With a good formula, you can design a short message that has all this information. After that you can now your strategy of sending the message.

Depending on the platform you are planning to use, you can include pictures or videos of the product or service and even how to contact you.

Once you have sent the message, the chances of the customer reading it are 80%. This is due to the fact that 90% of people’s days are spent looking at their phones. People look for new messages, emails and conversations.

When the customer reads and is pleased with what you have shown then, they might choose to contact you or directly make a purchase. As you can see, mobile marketing is a very effective and personal way of selling goods and services as compared to the traditional billboards, television and newspaper adverts.

You introduce your product benefits directly to your customers and also create an avenue for feedback.


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