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Why your Marketing Data needs a Makeover

Data by its very nature is dry and unappetising to us visually-driven creative marketers. Learn how giving your data a 2015 facelift can make it more palatable and meaningful with this infographic.

Analysing marketing data - and communicating your findings clearly - is vital to your career progression. According to Forrester’s report, Marketers Need To Acquire Adaptive Skill Sets, in the future the most valuable marketing professionals will be those who can not only manipulate data, but who are creative enough to pull interesting patterns and suggest unique solutions based on these findings.

Everyone digests information differently. Accountants can often look at a spreadsheet and instantly spot what’s going on. The rest of us understand data more clearly when it’s presented in charts and graphs.

  • If you’re struggling to see patterns in your data, software which can visualise it often helps - particularly to reveal anything out of the ordinary, or worrying.  

  • If you want to convince the board, visualising your points can help to communicate them.

In this infographic, I discuss the theory of data visualisation and why it’s important.

Before you can create great data visualisation, you need data worthy of visualising – to find out more how to extrapalate your makketing data download the eguide Modern marketing essentials guide: data management