Why you’re struggling to generate B2B sales leads through HubSpot

Marketing automation software monolith HubSpot has truly helped revolutionise how businesses approach marketing and generating B2B sales lead for their organisation.  

The one-way, spray-and-pray outbound marketing techniques have been cast aside in favour of more effective and highly-targeted inbound techniques using tools like HubSpot’s social media posting tool, smart CTA functionality and lead nurturing workflows.

Why HubSpot works

HubSpot capitalises on this new way of marketing by enabling organisations to automate tasks which were historically done manually, such as:

- Tracking engagement and interactions on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook
- Segmenting contacts
- Following up via email

All these things take up a whole load of time and resources. HubSpot’s range of tools enables you to automate these activities and create automated and personalised sales journeys for your prospects, providing the right content at the right time to influence their buying decision.

What’s more (and equally valuable) is that HubSpot also enables you to track the results of your activities – CTR, signups, conversions, page views, interactions, purchases etc. All of this data is tracked meticulously and can be used to help tweak and optimise future campaigns.

So where do you come in?

HubSpot has some great tools that can drastically improve your leads and increase your sales – there’s no doubt about that.

So why doesn't everyone get amazing results right away?

The truth is, it’s because while HubSpot is powerful and effective, it doesn’t provide you with everything you need to make marketing automation work.  

The fuel that drives the marketing automation engine is quality content – hands down. Without it, the engine grinds to a halt, depleting your budget and failing to deliver leads.

Blogs offering keyword-rich content creates interest by ranking highly in search results and via social media to lure prospects to your website by keeping them engaged.

Without these first steps involving quality content, HubSpot – with all it’s great features and functionality - can’t do anything to nurture your leads through the sales funnel.

How HubSpot can help you rise up from the crowd

When it comes to marketing automation software, purchasing it is the easy bit.

But a lot of businesses assume that once they’ve paid for the system, the work is done. In reality however, getting your marketing automation up and running – and delivering results – requires a substantial investment of both time and resources.  

You’ll need to have resources dedicated to developing a content plan and producing SEO-optimised blogs and downloadable content. And you’ll want to ensure you’re doing this consistently as Google rewards websites that publish fresh, new content on a regular basis. 

If you can make this commitment, HubSpot could be the most powerful weapon in your arsenal. It can enable you to generate interest within your prospect database and hook in warm leads through organic search and social media traffic.

With qualified leads that are interested in what you have to say (and eventually, what you have to sell), you’ll start to see sales-ready leads come out the other end of your sales engine. Customers will value a commitment to creating quality educational content – and ideally, they’ll share, refer and endorse your business to their network – expanding your reach exponentially.

In 6-8 months after integrating HubSpot, you can expect to have a fully functioning sales engine churning out a healthy stream of leads. But only if you’re willing to make the necessary investment in developing a content strategy that is aligned with your business goals, customer needs and the demands of your market.

If you can’t commit the time and resources to developing high-quality content that’s relevant to your prospects, you’ll truly struggle to generate leads through HubSpot. If you don’t have the skill or expertise to develop your own content, you can outsource the content creation aspect to a third-party or specialist marketing automation agency – leaving the hot leads to flow in without the hassle.

Are you struggling to develop the quality content needed to generate leads through HubSpot? Share your challenges with us in the comment section below.