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The World’s Most Unusual Data Centers [Infographic]

If you’re posting that new selfie from your smartphone or reading a newly downloaded book on your tablet or researching the lifespans of earthworms for a school report, you’re making use of data centers. Among the millions of data centers across the globe, many are purely functional cubes of server storage that don’t necessarily inspire. However, a number of data centers had decided to think outside the box and find homes in creative, innovative ways.

Nestled beneath the peaks and valleys of Sweden and almost 100 feet of rock, Bahnhof is a hosting provider who reimagined an old military bunker to become a “nuke-proof” data center complete with simulated sunlight, waterfalls, and repurposed submarine engines. Elliptical Mobile Solutions turns innovation on its head with portable data centers the size of a semi trailer ready to serve military campaigns and disaster relief. Other hosting companies like Citi Data Center in Germany take their environmental responsibility to a new level with a center that has earned the platinum rating from the U.S. Green Building Council.

For today’s data centers, boxes are becoming not enough. With a look at the most unusual data centers across the world, from environmentally friendly to repurposing spaces and more, they are inspirations for the future of data hosting companies.



Source : WhoIsHostingThis