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The Year Ahead

So 2012 was the year of the event, we had the London Olympics, the Queens Diamond Jubilee and we survived the Mayan Apocalypse, so what does 2013 have in store. With these major events well and truly behind us we look ahead to 2013 and the trends we think you should be watching out for.

The technological age is upon us
Ok so nothing new here, technology has been evolving for generations, however we in the event industry are going to be relying on it more and more. Instead of having paper guest lists we will be looking to tablets such as the iPad and other portable devices to store this data. Also with the emergence of online registration systems, delegate management will be moving online with the ability to monitor and report on an event's success in real time.

The future's bright, the future's mobile
It is now common place to assume that most people will have a mobile device, whether that be a smartphone or tablet, people are connected 24/7. With more people than ever set to become mobile in 2013, we recommend that the event industry embraces this. A dedicated event app, guaranteed internet access, social media campaigns, whatever it is brands must be ready to engage with their audience through this medium.

Tweet, Like, Follow, social will be key
With audiences now more connected than ever before, the importance of having a good social media strategy is essential. Brands need to be engaging with their attendees before, during and after their event and ensuring that all their social channels are being monitored for instant feedback. The potential for social media can be both positive and damaging and brands need to ensure they have a solid strategy in place.

Sustainability should be in your thoughts
2013 will be the year that sustainability becomes more apparent to the event planner. As part of an overall event strategy consider how you might reduce your carbon footprint; how much air travel is required, how your offices uses energy, could I be holding this event online are all things you could be asking yourself.

Budgets staying tight
We expect budgets to remain tight this year. Events and Marketing staff are under increasing pressure to justify the need for live events. The way forward for planners is to begin looking at the way events are delivered, making better use of the digital landscape, event websites, apps etc. Brands that embrace and implement these technologies in event management will still see value in their events.