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You Can Drive Engagement through Your Social Media and Blog Posts

Raising your engagement rates on your social media accounts and blog is like hitting the digital jackpot. When you get your audience to comment, like, and share your content, people are more likely to remember your company’s brand name.

Additionally, they become digital promoters of your brand, and drive business to new corners of the Internet. It’s crucial for you to pay attention to engagement metrics, so you can repeat successful content campaigns and ditch ineffective copy.

Take a look at the following tips on increasing your overall engagement rates across blog posts and social media.

The value proposition

 Why should your readers buy into your content? How is it enriching their lives?

You don’t have to empty out your stock room and give freebies to your digital readers, but you can get them to start paying attention to your blog posts and social media if you offer them useful advice, entertainment, or a combination of both.

You’ll notice that many successful brands are able to drive engagement by offering concrete incentives, such as white papers, case studies, or tutorial articles. Sometimes these are offered as free PDF downloads.

When you’re able to present your audience with tangible benefits in exchange for the reader relationship, then you can pique their interest and build loyalty. Make sure to watch your engagement metrics to see if your efforts are paying off.

Instigate discussion

Think about the last business meeting or social mixer you attended. Can you imagine how boring those interactions would be if no one asked questions?

Asking your readership to contribute to the dialogue can significantly raise your engagement rates. Your audience will gradually recognize that you value their opinions.

Start a conversation by posting about a compelling topic -- one that your audience is personally invested in. Throughout the article, ask meaningful questions.

The answers you get might be able to help other readers reach new insights. Once you get the ball rolling, you’re successfully building a community.

Share experiences

People often seek out businesses on social media to get an inside look at the company culture. Share what’s important to your organization and your people.

This might include inspirational success stories, client features, and other behind-the-scenes information about your outfit. Your audience should be rewarded with privileged information; just make sure you don’t breach any confidentiality clauses.

Your colleagues and fans should feel that they’re an important part of your company’s team.

Multimedia posts, such as videos on Vine and images on Instagram, can give your audiences a dynamic view of your employees’ and clients’ adventures and achievements. Encourage your audiences to submit multimedia of their own for the chance to win prizes and recognition. Offer them examples that will inspire them to share and enter a friendly competition.

Using engagement metrics to change your content strategy can save your company money and build a stronger community. You must demonstrate that you understand your audience and value their opinions if you hope to catch their attention for longer than a second or two.

Fostering discussion, showcasing value, and encouraging shared experiences can dramatically boost your engagement metrics and strengthen audience relationships.