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You can't buy love, but you can monetize it

Love, romance, chocolate, presents…does it remind you of something? Yes, St. Valentine’s Day is drawing closer and it is high time to think through your marketing strategy. We hope that our ideas will help you even if you have NO marketing plan and NO romance inside your heart.

Love it or hate it there’s a to-do list for Valentine’s Day that will help you boost your campaign:

  1. Segment your contact list
  2. Schedule emails sending
  3. Think over interesting subject lines
  4. Create awesome letters

How to segment?

First of all you have to divide your clients the following way:

  • Sex: send different messages to men and women.
  • Activity: try to wake inactive subscribers form their winter sleep.
  • Interests: use various CTA in your letters and see which ones get better response.
  • Age: 50-year-old people will celebrate this holiday differently than 18-year-old couples, so the letters have to be different too

If you haven't been much into segmentation, it's about time to think about it more carefully. Here's a thorough article on segmentation.

Try not to make your clients nervous. Add the unsubscribe link to your letters. It may look the following way: “I’m looking for presents by myself and I don’t want to receive such letters”.

According to schedule

While love is flying in the air and everything is filled with romance, give your clients ideas on how to surprise their loved ones and how to find a perfect present.

February 4-6

Send a letter to all of your subscribers reminding that the holiday is closer than ever. Give them gift ideas. The more people postpone the purchase of a gift, the more difficult it will be for them to buy it in time. Encourage people to buy by offering discounts, coupons and bonuses.

February 11-12

Send emails only to people who have opened at least one e-mail in the last 3 months. Remind them of the urgency. They still have a chance to buy something.

February 13 – one day before the holiday

It is too late to sell something or deliver in time. For clients, who read your letters but don’t by anything, give ideas of how to spend this day. For those, who buy your products; give ideas of how to surprise their loved ones.

February 14 - holiday

People are not expecting your letters this day. They are having fun. There’s a huge risk that someone lonely and depressed will get your letter. But you can be creative even in this situation and advice to watch a movie “I hate Valentine’s Day”, for example.

 Experiment with subject lines

One of the major problems in email marketing is how to make your recipients open your letters? Here subject lines play a critical role. Don’t use clichés or trite expressions such as “Valentine’s Day” etc. Try to use such words as “love”, “romance”, “tenderness”, or “sweets” and so on. Use your imagination, play with words, and add more feelings to your letters.

Maybe you’ll get inspired by these subject lines:

“Love at first sight + free shipping!”

“500 ideas for Valentine presents!”

“10 ways to say: I Love You”

“Hurry! Cupid has prepared to shoot!”

“You’ll fall in ❤ with our prices”

“The Perfect Couple: Gift and free delivery!”

If you search for inspiration, check out these examples of good subject lines.


The last but not the least…

If you want to stand out from the rest you have to create awesome sign-up forms and email templates. If you don't feel very creative at the moment and your inspiration is more on the weak side, you can find Valentine's day templates that have already been created for the occasion.

Think this thoroughly through! Start spreading holiday cheer right now!

Get the most from this holiday! Reach out to your customers and expand your marketing.

Happy Emailing and Valentine’s Day!