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To you, the marketers of B2B, I salute you.

The secret to winning awards? People, people, people – says The Crocodile's Jason Talbot

Whether you’re client-side or agency side in the marketing world, the secret to great work is great people. Plain and simple, no ifs, no buts. 

Our industry has matured over the past 10 years into a powerhouse of marketing professionals that are truly best in class. The diversity of skills required to be a leader in B2B marketing would make other codes of marketing shudder: creative, technical, data-driven, global, local, results-based marketing.

The craft we’re now seeing in creative execution and user experiences should make us all proud. Add to that the maturity of production values in our moving picture, the diversity and richness of conversations we’re running via each channel of social, the technical excellence of our connected digital marketing infrastructures, and the ongoing maturity in our strategic manipulation of data. To you, the marketers of B2B, I salute you.

Sure the brand and agency name tends to get the headlines on awards night, but look a little deeper into the players and you’ll find the source of success. On the Thursday 23 November at the B2B Marketing Awards, this may not be as evident after the fourth bottle of wine… but trust me, it's there.

It's great to see our industry standing so tall, which is why we're proud to sponsor this year’s B2B Marketing Awards. It's about celebrating excellence. It's about recognising talent.

We hope to see you at the B2B Marketing Awards on Thursday 23 November unleashing your inner beasts.

Unleash your beasts

850 of the worlds best in B2B marketing are preparing to answer the call, and gather for a wild night of feasts and festivities to celebrate the world’s best B2B marketing.

Join them on 23 November. 

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