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Is Your Banner Doing Its Job?

Using a banner to promote your business, social, or charity event is the ideal way to spread the word about your goods and services or an event that will benefit many in your community.  It’s a visual way to describe the project underway and to invite people to join in your celebration, fund-raising activity, or to help those in need of the neighbourhood’s help with a problem.  There are some effective guidelines to ascertain if your banner is doing its job to encourage others to join you in a worthwhile endeavour; let’s review some major points of interest as you design a banner for your organisation.


The Elements of a Good Banner 

You want to paint a picture with words and symbols on your banner that inform the public about the event taking place.  Viewers shouldn’t have to use more than five minutes to read through your text and learn about your initiative.  You’ll want to choose quality images and graphics that are easily read from a distance of about five feet; make sure that your banner is simple, easily understood, and contains all of the information that people will need to place the event on their calendars.

Banner Basics 101 

As you work with the professional team that you have hired to create your banner, remember to tell them to:

  1. Have a focused topic or purpose that’s stated with limited text.
  2. Appealing colours that draw attention to your banner and prompt people to take time to read the information in detail.
  3. Explicit instructions that provide the date, time, and entry fees or charges associated with the event or product.
  4. Include contact information so that they can phone for additional information; if they were passing by your banner quickly they may have only had time to jot down your contact number.

Be Specific

Experts will tell you that you should focus on one aspect of your event or product and emphasise its importance rather than trying to include every detail on your banner. Keep the text large enough to read quickly and easily and present the information in an organised manner. You may want to visit the website for some effective tips that can help you convey the message that you want to share with others. You should also decide if you want a banner that rolls, one that is mobile, or one that comes with a stand that supports it at your workplace, in the convention hall, or at the event where you are sharing additional information. You will also have to decide the location where you will be using your banner; do you need one that is constructed from weather resistant material or do you need a mini roller banner that you can use on your table in the booth that you have at the trade show?

Finding the right banner that does its job begins with careful planning, proper decisions about materials, and an organised idea of what you need to achieve your goals and objectives.