Your Best Tool For Business Development

Business people are trying to escape this trend until now they have no other choice but to make the obvious: companies will now introduce the corporate video in their overall strategy to remain in the forefront of the competition. With a corporate video, without even knowing the person behind the screen you can convince him the best possible way! The result will be a strong positive impact on your annual results. 

Being in the field of business development strategies, it is important to present a unique product to stand out from the competition. Your corporate video should reflect your business in its best. A sound strategy must be built around achieving it. As in any marketing strategy, everything must be calculated from the beginning... What audience do you want to target?, What message do you want to convey?, What are your goals in terms of performance? You will linger to this type of questions before you embark on this adventure.


Creating a corporate video: an art to master


In order to attract a potential customer, it is now essential to promote the use of video, text and image, it is obvious. People no longer take the time to read...  they prefer to look a video, images or other type of visual content. A simpler mode of transmission, more direct and also it could bring you more sales. In the business world, people have busy schedule and because they need to get information quickly to make decisions, 75% of executives regularly watch corporate videos. 


To be effective and to become viral, your video should be consistent, clear and brief. You have to imagine the content that will create a buzz on the web. It is also a kind of exceptional representative card for your business. Expose it, put it in the forefront and share it so that it is seen by the largest number of people: The first thing that people will see on your website. Make sure your video is prominent on the home page. It also will give you a huge hand on the SEO of your website and your business in general. This of course is far from it the idea of dropping all your other marketing strategies! Acting as complements, these techniques help you reach the highest peaks in your industry. 

Webcast: A worthwhile investment


Nowadays, the web is full of effective distribution platforms such as YouTube, Dailymotion or Vimeo. According to the 2012 survey of NETendances online entertainment, 46% of Quebec adults watch videos on these platforms. Investing in a budget for broadcast on the web is simple and could earn you a lot. First, you determine your budget (it can cost between $ 0.05 and $ 0.15 per view), then your final investment will be determined by the results. 

If your video quality is good, the cost of its viewing may be lower. It should be understood as a platform YouTube desire to distribute quality advertising content. 

In 2014, every company should be able to establish the scope of its advertising placement on the web and determine its return on investment. Tight management of this aspect will only make your ascension in the business world.