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Is your email marketing ready for mobile?

We’ve been hearing it’s the year of mobile for a couple of years now but this year we seem to have got there. Devices now provide the experience that we need and I’m not just talking mobile phone, I’m including the rise of the tablet.

Now as a B2B marketer the initial thought could be, mobile is a B2C toy, and that wouldn’t be surprising – trying to find decent B2B mobile examples is a tricky thing to do. What if we look outside the usual mobile arena though? Email marketing is a huge B2B channel and rightly so with it being easy to target and measure ROI from.

Email marketing isn’t mobile though, or is it?

Well a report by Nielson this year cited that 53% of smartphone users check their email on their phone several times a day and there was a 30% increase in smartphone purchase within 6 months. This to me says that your emails are going to be read on mobiles or tablets and if they’re not optimised for them, it may not be a great recipient experience.

How to get mobile ready

Pure360 have done a full guide on mobile optimisation for email but here are the basics for you to cover:

1. Use fewer functional pre-headers - get rid of the 'click here to unsubscribe' or 'click to view in a browser'. Use engaging, mini marketing messages or short calls to action.

2. Most mobiles have a viewing area half that of an email. If you are going to stick to 300-350 pixels then your design will need to be radically changed.

3. Keep images to a minimum, they take up space; increasing length.

4. Keep the lines in a plain text version short, certainly less than 70 characters.

5. Think large buttons, recipients don’t want to have to zoom into an email so they can click on a call to action.