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Youview is big business for BT

Offering numerous services that cater to consumer demands for TV, call and internet packages, BT has plenty weapons in their arsenal. However, recent figures have revealed that it is their YouView service which is proving most popular; penetrating an excessive amount of homes in its first eight months to make it big business for the brand.


Consumer success


Launched in July 2012, BT had already gained around 400,000 subscriptions for their YouView service by the dawning of Q2 this year, just eight months after its debut.


With such a high number of subscriptions received in such a short period of time, the popularity of BT’s YouView service cannot be disputed and those in charge are understandably proud of the achievement.


According to their Chief Executive, the heart of the service is ‘seamless access to content’ and this is exactly what it provides – winning them plenty of customers in the process. Claiming it to be the fastest growing TV service in the UK, BT plan to expand their services even further to keep up with demand – but just what does this equate to?


Consumer demands


According to the report, the vast majority of these set-top boxes for the YouView service have been given to customers as part of a wider entertainment package from the brand. Combining internet-connected TV with broadband bundles, the firm is catering to a consumer market that demands more for their money and varied interaction with content.


The combined services of BT Youview add internet-connected viewing to standard TV and radio transmissions available through Freeview services so households get access to all the entertainment media they want.


The catch-up services provided by each of the main UK broadcasters can all be accessed through YouView, making on-demand programmes from BBC iPlayer, Channel 4’s On Demand and ITV Player accessible via TV sets.


This means standalone TV packages may no longer be sufficient for modern homes where a range of viewing methods is required. For evidence of this you need only look at figures relating to the number of users who watch catch-up programmes via the product’s internet-connected service: approximately two thirds of the 400,000 subscribers.


Demonstrating that their commitment to enhancing their services is unyielding, BT has also announced that further services will be added to the YouView package this summer. This will bolster their TV guide considerably, adding internet subscription channels to the 70 traditional TV and radio channels broadcast via the Freeview service, and ensuring they remain top of the game when it comes to securing customers, sales and success.