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CASE STUDY: Affiniti reband to compete with BT

A B2B brand has to be built from the inside out. No matter what you're selling, it's the interaction or experience with the brand that will establish it most firmly in your audiences' minds. The challenge is even greater when you are combining two quite similar yet distinct businesses to create a new one. Establishing a single identity is the easy part, carving a market position that more than 1500 people can believe in and a promise they can live up to is a whole new challenge.

The Challenge

Kingston Communications is usually associated with the residential telephone service they provide to the Hull and North Humberside area. It is, in fact, a national business-to-business telecoms provider with its own network and offices throughout the country. In December 2004 it acquired Omnetica (previously Siemens Network Systems), itself a major player in the enterprise networks space, and the decision was taken to create a single business that at last has the depth and breadth of services and expertise to really challenge BT, Cable & Wireless and other telecoms operators and IT services companies.