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CASE STUDY: 'Anything,' wins Best international campaign 2008

TNT offers to deliver any shipment of any size and weight, from and to anywhere in the world, as fast as possible. The campaign needed to work in any country while the production of over 25 different versions of DM pieces had to be centrally controlled, with the microsite available in 37 languages and central control over different versions of DM pieces.

To minimise translation, the creative concept was led by visuals and icons. The main concept placed a familiar creature - penguins - in an unfamiliar place - a desert - and played on the customer's recognition of a paradox to catch and hold their attention, with a visual link to TNT's trademark orange.

The innovative format, in the form of a sliding dissolve mailer, worked alongside the visuals and further demonstrated the speedy quality of the service in a tactile way. As the format is only available from a small number of suppliers, its exclusivity gave TNT an assurance that this would be a unique piece of communication worldwide, thus holding attention and showing clear differentiation from key competitors.