CASE STUDY: 'Audi mobile website' for Audi UK by Somo

During 2010, Audi UK and Somo began work on a mobile strategy to enable Audi to enter the rapidly emerging mobile market, using it to make information on its cars available to customers in an informative yet attractive way. The launch of the Audi UK mobile website has been followed by the Audi UK 24H app to advance of the 2011 Le Mans race. Throughout the campaign, Audi UK and Somo strive to incorporate leading edge technology, to maintain Audi UK’s position as a world-class brand.

The objective of the mobile site was to introduce Audi UK into the mobile market while maintaining Audi’s company vision and branding. The development of the site had to take account of the complexities of portraying a prestigeous brand on small handsets, in terms of the aesthetics of the site as well as its functionality.

This report covers Somo’s strategy behind the Audi application and the need for Audi to be interacting with customers via mobile. The report shows how innovation in mobile can significantly drive customer engagement, traffic and provide an excellent and effective marketing channel when used alongside existing channels, delivering specific measurable results that can provide a real return on investment.