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CASE STUDY: Base One launch Lotaris Propostion Development

Not long after repositioning their brand, Lotaris spotted an opportunity that was too good to miss but they had to act fast. Windows 8 was about to be launched, but unlike Apple and Google, Windows decided to let App developers make their own arrangements for licensing and payments – the perfect opportunity for Lotaris.
But it was a new audience, it required a new business model and it required a very different proposition.

The solution
Base One was appointed to develop the new proposition, create a new name and identity and design the user experience. Unlike the rest of their business, Lotaris in-appCommerce for Windows 8 developers required a self service model. It had to resonate with the developer audience, clearly communicate the powerful reasons why, rather than using the default Windows Commerce platform, they should choose Lotaris and make the sign-up and set process as easy as possible. And we had to do it all, including launching it using an integrated inbound campaign within 3 months.