CASE STUDY: Bosch Professional Power Tools implements social media CRM platform

Bosch Power Tools is the European market leader in the professional power tools trade, supplying various professional users including the building, electrical and wood working industries. Market research has indicated that a dominant factor influencing consumer purchases of Bosch Power Tools is the experiences and recommendations of current Bosch Professional Power Tools customers. This necessitates the targeting of social media to positively influence and increase recommendations among the existing users of Bosch Power Tools products. 

The challenge
As well as a presence on Facebook, Bosch Professional Power Tools uses the ‘Bob Community’ facility run through its website, attracting 460,000 visitors with 35,000 registrations. Bosch Professional Power Tools needed to ascertain whether its investment in Facebook was reaching the desired demographic and how the value of its Facebook fans compared to that of Bob Community users. This information would lead to the appropriate allocation of Bosch Professional Power Tools marketing resources and a focused social media CRM programme.

Bosch Professional Power Tools was seeking a software tool that would enable an in-depth and bespoke analysis of the audience that its social network was reaching, thus facilitating a greater insight into its users and a clearer interpretation of customer feedback. After researching the market, Bosch Professional Power Tools selected the social insight tool by Globalpark, part of QuestBack, the European industry leader in enterprise feedback management (EFM).