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CASE STUDY: 'Cisco Customer Kings 2010' by Octopus Communications for Cisco UK&I

About the client
Cisco is the worldwide leader in networking technologies, providing businesses around the world with business tools such as WebEx and TelePresence that enables them to connect, communicate and collaborate with their colleagues and customers, whenever or wherever they are. The copmpany was founded in 1984 in San Francisco

Strategy - boarder business issues the company is facing
Largley bacause of the nature of its business, Cisco has traditionally struggled to be relevant to the UK's SME community. Despite massive credibility within the IT community, and growing consumer awareness thanks to the acquisition of the Flip line of video cameras, as well as the success of Customer Kings 2009, Cisco provides technology 'plumbing' that business people very rarly see. As a result, it is often a challenge for SMEs to connect with the Cisco brand at anything other than a deeply technical level.

Objectives of the campaign
With SMEs making up to almost 90 per cent of British businesses, the segment is, surprisingly, a key target for most technology vendors, resulting in an ever increasingly noisy SME technology market. Cisco tasked Octopus to build on the success of the previous year's campaign and create the next stage of an ongoing PR campaign to target this important segment.