CASE STUDY: Clear Thought transform Gradwell's approach to marketing

Establishing a renewed focus on marketing helps boost revenue for ISP Gradwell

Who is the client company, what products/service do they offer?
Gradwell is an internet service provider specialising in products and services for small and micro businesses. They provide internet technology for every line of your business card. From an internet telephone number, your business mobile or landline and the hardware, service and support you need for small business communications, to web hosting; and broadband for your office. Gradwell's audience is companies with between one and 50 employees and their services are available directly, or through a network of over 150 local IT consultants.

What was their marketing problem?
Gradwell had a loyal following among the techie audience, but seemed pretty inaccessible to less tech savvy business people. They had the classic tech company issue of selling on features, without explaining the benefits. If they were going to grow, they needed to appeal to businesses that don't care about the technology under the bonnet. From hairdressers to Steiner schools - Gradwell's products needed to make sense and stand out.