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CASE STUDY: 'Community Connect 4 Anywhere' by RM

RM wanted to successfully launch Community Connect 4 Anywhere by:

Target audience:
Difficult to reach technical staff (e.g. network manager, ICT support) and senior management team (e.g. Head, deputy head) contacts within primary, secondary schools. Users and influencers including teachers and pupils were also illustrated on the microsite, with clear examples of how different people could use the software, whether on the train, at school, at home or in the park:

Business challenges and strategy:
Research revealed a number of challenges prior to launch:
Remote access is a new concept for the education sector, so not only did we have to sell the benefits of the software, but also clearly explain why schools would want it and how they could use it. Research showed we needed to demonstrate the value of being able to access your network from anywhere was worth the price.