CASE STUDY: D3 Active use online marketing to promote its rebranding and new experience divisions

The Challenge

D3 Active (formerly D3 Events) has been creating brand experiences and outdoor events since 1997. Its team of specialists produces events, organises team assessments, manages complex logistics and lead reconnaissance on every continent, operating in over 25 countries; most recently China, Thailand, Russia, Mongolia and Bolivia.

Having rebranded the company, D3 Active changed the structure of the company by creating five distinct divisions:
- D3 Active Team is about original team development activities within dynamic learning environments
- D3 Active Vehicle provides dynamic environments and displays within the automotive sector.
- D3 Active Construction offers logistical capability for event construction projects, vehicle track builds and ongoing ground maintenance projects.
- D3 Active Media supports any media requirement from lifestyle press trips to TV production services and facilitation.
- D3 Active Challenge focuses on corporate and public adventure races.

The company wanted an online campaign that would ensure users knew about the changes to the company and the new brands as well as increasing sales of its team building events and brand experiences.

Team building is a very competitive market place with 100s of companies bidding on Team Building search terms. Search marketing company Tug was appointed to develop the campaign.

How did they do it?

Tug ensured D3 Active Team were on top for every search without spending too much on the cost per click (CPC).  Tug did this by developing a large pay per click (PPC) account on based on team building and staff incentives. In addition Tug developed highly targeted ad copy which was tested regularly to achieve a high click through rate (CTR ) and targeted enquiries. Targeting human resource websites, a banner ad content campaign was run on the Google Content network to help increase awareness of the new D3 Active events.


D3 Active Team saw a 118 per cent increase in sales over the summer of 2010 compared to 2009 with forward bookings up 55 per cent. PPC is the main traffic and enquiry generator for D3 Active's team building business (D3 Active Team).

PPC generated bookigs from Red Bull, HBoS, O2 and more, with the majority of bookings made through PPC turning into repeat business, generating further ROI.Tug will create bespoke indoor based activity ad copy/keywords to continue to promote D3 Active's team building business throughout the winter. D3 Active expects continued growth in the market place.

Fiona Day, director of D3 Active, says "Tug produced excellent results over the last few years. This year was a particularly tough challenge as we needed them to help us during the transition stage as well as promote our new divisions and increase sales of our team building experiences. Tug has exceeded our targets once again."