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CASE STUDY: 'East meets West' wins Best international campaign for TNT

TNT is one of the world's four largest express delivery companies, delivering consignments by air, road and sea across the globe to more than 200 countries. Asia is a very important and growing market, as the potential in this region could match that of TNT's highly successful European or US operations in the next few years.
However, TNT's customers have a perception that it is primarily a European company and lacks experience in delivering to other parts of the world even though the company has established a unique Asian road network with Singapore at its hub. 

TNT wanted to be known as the company with a huge capacity for shipping to Asia and distributing shipped goods using its extensive eastern road network. It also aimed to become the preferred choice for heavy shipments. The campaign was designed to emphasise the Asia connexion, change customers' perception and so generate increased revenue to and from Asia.

The initiative concentrated on its TNT economy express service, which takes three to five working days from collection to delivery and any size or weight of consignments can be shipped.