CASE STUDY: 'Endpoint launch' wins Best product launch campaign for Symantec

Symantec is a global leader in infrastructure software for businesses and consumers. The release of Endpoint Protection 11.0 software was Symantec's biggest product launch in years to an audience of channel agents, resellers and end users in small to medium-sized enterprises across Europe. The software bundles five IT protection technologies into one convenient package, so the campaign was loosely based on the concept of 'The one solution'.

The campaign needed to create awareness of the software, educate its audience about its benefits and requirements, and persuade people to register by end-user launch events that would motive end-users to download trial software.

The target audience was channel agents, resellers and end-users in small to medium-sized enterprises across Europe, which mean motivating them to sell the product, helping them target different types of potential customers, as well as making the selling points clear. It was also important to communicate with the end-users directly and personally, through through microsites, online games and a live virtual event.