CASE STUDY: 'Enterprise cloud computing – What’s blocking you?' for Fujitsu by DirectionGroup

In preparing the campaign strategy for the ‘What’s blocking you?’ campaign, we researched the state of the cloud computing market and found there was general confusion about cloud computing with media owners, not brands, leading the conversation. The real tangible business benefits that cloud could bring to businesses were misunderstood and although there was a lot of content already existing about this subject matter, there was also a lot of hype and myth that needed dispelling. This resulted in the market taking a ‘wait and see’ position – but created a gap for credible and authoritative information on cloud computing.

The ‘What’s blocking you?’ campaign was planned as a fully integrated campaign – but with compelling and targeted content at its core. This meant the development of a suite of authoritative content to provoke the maximum number of interactions and conversations with a focus on ‘making cloud real.’

Fujitsu were the first to market on delivering infrastructure as a service (IaaS) to Enterprises in the UK, so we set out to position Fujitsu as an authority and expert advisor on cloud in the face of much uncertainty.