CASE STUDY: 'Enterprise PDM' for SolidWorks by The Crocodile

Leaders in 3D CAD software, SolidWorks worked with integrated agency The Crocodile to create the ‘Enterprise PDM’ campaign. SolidWorks’ marketing usually targets engineers and designers. However, to market its new solution, they realised they would have to create a new dialogue with ‘C-level’ contacts — CEOs, CIOs and CFOs. The aim was to communicate the high-level business benefits, make sales appointments and generate new business. The campaign used a carefully targeted premium DM pack, designed to maximise effectiveness and succeed where other marketing methods couldn’t. The DM conveyed the dramatic benefits of ‘Enterprise PDM’ with compelling case studies, while the enclosed SolidWorks branded calculator powerfully and memorably encouraged them to ‘Add up the benefits for yourself’.

The calculator claimed a place on executive’s desks, keeping SolidWorks’ message front-of-mind.
Subsequent telemarketing capitalised on the DM’s impact, delivering impressive results:
• Sales meetings made with 19 per cent of target companies.
• Genuine opportunities identified in 45 per cent of meetings.
• 36 per cent of opportunities converted to new business.
• New revenue generated — £128,800.
• ROI ratio — 3.0.
• ROI — 198 per cent.

SolidWorks was thrilled to achieve such a strong ROI from the campaign — proving the value of the marketing investment and the effectiveness of the approach.