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CASE STUDY: 'Expense benchmark report' wins Best limited budget campaign for GlobalExpense

GlobalExpense is the UK's leading provider of employee expense management services, responsible for processing and paying expenses for businesses covering 2.5 per cent of the UK workforce. Typically it works with businesses which have more than 50 expense-claiming employees. GlobalExpense's services relieve businesses of the high volume, low value duty of processing employee expense claims and complying with the law. For employees, it provides an easy browser-based claims system and fast payment.

GlobalExpense has accumulated data on over 4.8 million expense claims from employees at over 150 organisations. The campaign aimed to turn currently unused information into a major intellectual and sales asset, create an annual report which would act as a benchmark for employee expenses and to position GlobalExpense as the leading commentator on employee expenses. The report would also provide new and valuable information on the carbon footprint of employee expenses and so enhance the authority of GlobalExpense and Carbon Statement, its consultancy partner on carbon emissions analysis.

An earlier report was updated and substantially enlarged to create a format that can be easily repeated and adapted annually. Extra categories were added and the carbon footprint analysis produced from the particularly large amount of new data on travel expenses and behaviour.