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CASE STUDY: 'Google Adwords and analytics' wins best use of search marketing for Backup Technology

Backup Technology specialises in the provision of secure automated online backup and disaster recovery services to businesses and SMEs. It has considerable expertise in performing disaster recovery on individual servers and entire networks to ensure that customers have complete business continuity. The company protects more than 550 terabytes of data, comprising of more than two billion files and offers worldwide support for all customers and data types from 10GB to 100TB.

Why invest in a campaign?
The objective of the campaign was to recuit new customers by communicating with IT managers, IT Directors and CIOs from medium to large enterprises in order to increase the number of Backup Technology's customers and ultimately its revenue. It aimed to raise Backup Technology's profile, alert prospective customers to the importance of backup and recovery strategies for their data, and position Backup Technology as being the organisation to contact to help them achieve this.

Backup Technology has always concentrated on using Google Adwords for its marketing. Firstly, the Internet is the primary source of information for IT managers, IT Directors and CIOs, due to the nature of their roles. Secondly, as a start-up company Backup Technology lacked the budget for expensive campaigns and using Google Adwords gave the company the flexibility to invest as much money as was available. As return on investment became apparent, spend was increased.