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CASE STUDY: Gravity's 'EcoCase' internal campaign

Gravity London are committed environmentalists gaining the ISO 14001 accreditation this year. As part of its ongoing environmental policy it ran an internal campaign to staff to encourage environmental participation. This resulted in employees creating leading edge design solutions that were evidence of its environmental attitudes and commitments. The concept was centered on engaging people internally so Gravity could engage with clients externally. The challenge was embraced and everyone produced some amazing work outside of office hours on their own time. Thus showing dedication and leading to the success of this campaign.

Gravity London has a firm commitment to environmental issues. Its whole environmental policies have been created in conjunction with its staff and in many cases led by its staff. Gravity people are very passionate about the role it plays in society and how Gravity can improve ‘The world' for the greater good. It forms part of the Gravity Global ‘CORE' philosophy of Community, Opportunity, Results & Environment.

The challenge of the campaign was to get Gravity people to identify ways in which Gravity could improve its environmental credentials, activate the resultant thinking so the internal campaign had outside reach. In essence can Gravity do something, great, practical and creative that sends a message to its clients, suppliers and future employees.