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CASE STUDY: 'The greatest label show on earth' by Tarsus for Label Expo Europe


Although Labelexpo Europe is our largest show and grew further during 2009, it was not our fastest growing one last year (that was Labelexpo Asia at the end of 2009). However, as acknowledged by the media, our exhibitors and visitors, Labelexpo Europe proved to be the turning point for our industry.

Visitor numbers were about the same (down only 2 per cent from 2007), but the increased seniority of the attendance and the high level of spending signalled that people were investing again.Indeed, many exhibitors told us that they thought the attendance was up (see testimonials), judging by the number of leads collected. The shows that followed, including our own Labelexpo Asia as well as others like ICE, benefitted significantly from the goodwill created at Labelexpo Europe, which in turn, was largely generated by the tone of the marketing campaign. The show grew in size (by 5 per cent - remarkably for such a mature show during a recession) driven by the positive and humorous message that was summarized by its simple tagline - "The greatest label show on Earth!"